How do I ask for my own odds?

If you are unwilling to take the available odds for a selection in a Betting Exchange market, you can request better odds. You may feel that the odds for a selection will drift and so offer longer odds in anticipation of the price movement. If you are realistic about the odds that you request, your bet may stand a very good chance of being matched.

For example, a selection is available to back at 4.0 and to lay at 5.0. You do not think the selection will win, and so decide to lay it, but want to reduce your liability. To do this, you can lay the selection at 4.5 — odds that fall between what is currently available. To make your offer, submit the bet in the usual way, but instead of accepting the best available odds to lay, request odds of 4.5. Assuming another user does not ask for odds lower than 4.5 in the meantime, your odds will appear as the best available on the lay side, replacing the previous best, 5.0.

If you have already placed a bet, you can change the odds of the existing bet, as long as the bet is unmatched.

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