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Advanced Cymatic Trader Primer

Advanced Cymatic Trader is a Betfair API application, which was made publicly available in 2012. It does not support the BETDAQ or Matchbook betting exchanges. The application is available to download from:


Like similar applications such as Geeks Toy and Bet Angel and BetTrader, Advanced Cymatic Trader is available free for a trial period. After the trial period runs out, a subscription fee applies:

"Cymatic software has been available free of charge over the past 3 years and has grown to become one of the most advanced and popular Betfair trading programs. During that time, the software has been developed entirely using my own time and money, but obviously I can’t keep the product free forever. So I hope you will understand that I must now try to derive an income stream from the product in order to cover future costs and ensure a great future for the product in the years ahead. Therefore the Cymatic software will no longer be free from Wednesday 11th November 2015. After expiration, the software will show a message and take you to a web page where you will be able to purchase a recurring subscription."

Advanced Cymatic Trader’s features include:

  • One-click trading through either a Betfair-style grid interface or a trader-friendly ladder interface.
  • Integration with Excel so you can trigger bets that meet certain criteria that you have specified in your spreadsheet.
  • An automated trading robot that attempts to back higher and lay lower by one tick.
  • Position in Queue (PIQ), which estimates where your money is in the queue to be matched.

Advanced Cymatic Trader is compliant with Betfair’s Vendor guidelines, which means that Betfair have ensured its customers can safely use their accounts with the application, and that the application conforms to additional technical requirements such as those set out by the Gambling Commission.

Advanced Cymatic Trader is a Windows application. It supports desktop and server versions of Windows from Windows XP to Windows 8.1. If you want to run Advanced Cymatic Trader on an OS X or Linux machine you will need to run it under software such as VMware or Wine.

The application has the customary training mode, where you can get to grips with the Advanced Cymatic Trader interface and feature without risking your money. As with other tools though, this is only a simulation, however realistic; when you place bets with real money the market will react to your bets.