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Tag: betting exchange


Smarkets Primer

Smarkets is a sports betting exchange with a commission rate of 2%.

Betfair API

Betting Exchange APIs

A betting exchange API enables exchange customers or third party developers to create custom applications that automate betting activity. The API enables users to read live market data, place bets and check their account statement without having to use the betting exchange web site.

Bookmaking Software

Bookmaking on a Betting Exchange

Bookmaking, like dutching, uses bets placed simultaneously on multiple selections to eliminate the unlikely outcomes and divide the locked in profit between the remaining selections. Unlike dutching, however where you are backing your selections, with bookmaking you lay the selections.


Matchbook Primer

Matchbook is a sports betting exchange who is attempting to build its customer base and hence its market liquidity by charging a low commission, currently 1% for non UK based customers.