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Multiples on a Betting Exchange

Initially, multiples weren’t available on betting exchanges, you could only place this type of bet at the bookies. However, because of the popularity of multiple bets, BETDAQ led the way and became the first company to introduce multiples to exchange betting.

Multiples are also available on Betfair. When you place a multiple bet on the Betfair exchange, the bet is matched by Betfair, as confirmed by the Betfair terms and conditions: "When you make a bet, you are betting with Betfair and not other customers who use our site" There is no equivalent statement in the BETDAQ terms on conditions. However, they do not support lay bets for multiples (and have no plans to do so), so whoever is accepting your multiple it is not another BETDAQ customer.

There is a separate tab on the BETDAQ interface that allows you to place multiples (the MultipleBet tab as opposed to the ExchangeBet tab). You can place multiples on a number of sports including football, horse racing, tennis, cricket and golf. BETDAQ supports up to seven selections in any Multiple Bet, so your choice ranges from a double right up to a seven-fold accumulator. The selections aren’t restricted to one sport. For example, your multiple could comprise of selections from horse races and football matches.

BETDAQ also supports these full cover bet types: Trixie, Yankee and Super Yankee. In these combinations, each of the bets is settled separately.

Unlike, BETDAQ, Betfair allows you to lay multiples as well as back them. If you’re attracted to multiples because of the big returns they can provide, bear in mind that the reverse is true when laying multiples. If the selections you’ve laid come in at long odds, you could face a heavy payout.

The odds on Betfair multiples are generally less generous than the same selections on the exchange, as Betfair is the counterparty for multiples. The advantage of Betfair being the counterparty is that your bet will always be "matched" straight away. Another side effect of this is that you cannot ask for your own odds.

You pay commission on winning multiples as well as the Betfair’s margin that is included in the odds.

Betfair’s support for multiples ranges from doubles to eight-fold accumulators. Betfair’s support for full cover multiples ranges from Trixies to Goliaths.