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Betting Exchanges

Betting exchanges enable sports fans to bet against each other on the outcome of a football match, horse race, cricket match and so on.

By eliminating the bookmaker's profit margin, they can provide a better value bet.

Cashing Out

By tim

Secure a profit or limit a loss with the click of the button if your nerves begin to jangle. Cashing out allows you to lock in a profit or cut your losses...

Scalping on a Betting Exchange

By tim

A scalper is someone who profits from short term movements in the underlying price of a market. They are an extremely short term trader. The aim is to make...

What is a Betting Exchange?

By tim

A betting exchange provides a secure online environment for its users to place bets with each other on the outcome of an event.


Betfair Primer

Launched in 2000, Betfair is the dominant betting exchange. The UK-based company pioneered the betting exchange concept where customers bet against each other,...


BETDAQ is the second largest betting exchange in the world. An advantage that BETDAQ has over Betfair is the lower commission it charges.